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Friday, October 1, 2010

Daily Bliss.

Being present and thankful to enjoy a new day, a new month and a new season regardless of the challenges or difficulties which may come your way.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

His Shoe Game. Supreme Nike

Venerable urban wear brand Supreme has collaborated with Nike for SB '94, a classic look high-top sneaker to be released in November. I really like all of the colors available.

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Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?  -Fanny Brice

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In My Beauty Bag. Blot Paper

I discovered blotting paper many years ago in Japan. It's origins date back to 517 A.D. in the EDO era of the country. At the time it was known as Abura Torigami, used by Kabuki performers. Since then it is also referred to as 'rice paper'.

Blot paper provides shine control and also does away with excess oil without leaving residue like regular tissue. Another benefit for women is when using them it doesn't damage your make-up.

Some brands offer slightly larger sheets, and the thickness may vary.  I like the different packaging options from streamlined to whimsical. You can find blot paper available from cosmetic giants like MAC, Shiseido and Bobbi Brown to generic brands at your local drugstore or beauty supply.

Never let them see you sweat.

Individual Style.

I recently discovered a really cool men's blog, called Lou's style is chic with a funky edge and his blog reflects the same eclectic aesthetic.

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"Be calm and strong and patient. Meet failure and disappointment with courage. Rise superior to the trials of life, and never give in to hopelessness or despair. In danger, in adversity, cling to your principles and ideals. " - Aequanimitas 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Classic Beauty. Kiara Kabukuru

Dolce & Gabbana Get Sexy in Milan

The Dolce & Gabana Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is full of dreamy romance with the signature form fitted sex appeal they do so well.  The accessories really did it for me.  You know I'm living for those hoop earrings.


"One has to find a balance between what people need from you and what you need for yourself." - Jessye Norman