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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Family's Best Friend.

A family dog isn't really just a dog at all - they are family members through and through. In a lot of cases they are more reliable, dependable, loyal - not to mention thoughtful. They seem to instinctively know our deepest moods and thoughts. They know when we are in danger or would benefit from a run in the park or simply need an adoring and comforting look of love; this goes both ways. We pamper, hug, care for and love them unconditionally as well. We talk to them like people, as if they understand - we're convinced that they do. They are truly a best friend, constant companion and even a soul mate.
When I say 'they' - I'm referring to our little Savana.

She wasn't your average poodle or dog in general. Her personality,  aura and spirit was like no other. It wasn't simply because she was born with a twisted bone in her back leg. Savana was Savana, you'd have to know her to understand.  People always said 'There's something wrong with her leg" or asked "What's wrong with your dogs leg?" as Savana would trot along happily. She was just fine, despite the appearance and position of the back leg. As with a human being faced with any type of presumed limitation - you just get on with living and making the best that you can of the cards dealt.

Savana was unique all the way around and rarely barked. You had to really have bad vibes for her to make a sound and react. She was so quiet, we could take her to the movies and she'd never make a sound. There's the time when we snuck her into a Mexican restaurant at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas in an over sized purse. When we played music in the house and I danced she would shuffle around excitedly at my feet, as if she were trying to dance too. My daughter could prompt her to "sing" causing her to make a distinct sound akin to trying to do just that.
My daughter was the light of Savana's existence and vice versa becoming a part of our lives when she was a little girl - they grew up together; we all grew together and endured many changes. There are so many fun and special moments over the years and tough times as well. Savanna survived cancer, surgeries and other ailments during her journey - she was a fighter and kept defying the odds.

Last night this part of her journey came to an end - at 105. Little Savana transitioned on, fully loved, comforted until her last breath and resting peacefully - a true angel now. I believe that all dogs such as her go to heaven.

Godspeed Savana - you will be missed but never forgotten. You left an indelible imprint on our hearts.

Random Thoughts and Life Musings.

Sometimes you have to take a break, step away, reflect, re-evaluate, revise, rejuvenate. As I get older I understand and practice these principles more and more.