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Friday, June 10, 2011

Twinkling Lights.

This photo makes me think of being home. We have twinkling lights year round, not just during the holidays. My children would always get excited when they were little and say "Mommie can we turn on the twinkling lights now."
I like feeling festive and it makes the environment feel a bit magical. I also like balloon bouquets and flowers, but that's a different post.

Light is important in your life metaphorically and otherwise. Whether it's in your home, how you live, who you allow in your life or simply appreciating the beauty of sunlight - it's always a positive energy force.

Be fabulous, spread love and light.

Life Notes.

"Let your light shine. Be a source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom. Radiate love." - Wilferd Peterson

For The Shoe Lover In You. Give Them Color.

Christian Louboutin. Daffodil 160

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quote Of The Day.

This quote made me laugh. I'd never advocate violence, but you get the point:

"When life gives you lemons, put them in a pillowcase and beat the crap out of the next person that says something fucked up to you. You'll feel better." - Unknown

ARISE Magazine Fashion Week. Chichia London.

Loving the collection and the music. I can see mixing and matching many of these separates.