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Friday, June 3, 2011

Classic Beauty. Jody Watley

This image is of my first and only solo cover of Jet Magazine and was in my Tumblr feed yesterday, it was cool to be reminded of it. I must say though that I never got the 'sexy' part. the last thing I ever tried to do was work that angle, especially since I was already the mother of a young daughter at that time.
I've always kept "classic" as my inspiration so that years later I won't cringe when I see old photo's of myself - I didn't when I saw this yesterday.
In the music business, there are always people trying to make you change into something you're not to be more appealing or marketable in one way or another. I've really always tried to be true to who I am, and not who other's want me to be or think I should be.

Here's a link to my Tumblr which I've been fiddling with a bit here and there:

Quote Of The Day.

"Let being 'one of many keep you humble'; let being 'one of a kind' bring out your best." - Unknown

Nature's Beauty. The Benefits Of Vinegar For Hair and Skin

I came across this post about vinegar and how it can be used as a beauty treatment for hair and skin from one of my favorite beauty blogs Afrobella that I wanted to share.
Read the post here:

Art and Fashion.

Illustration: Raul Guerra
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Thursday, June 2, 2011


I attended a funeral recently of a promising 22- year old who died in a tragic car accident on an otherwise uneventful morning a week ago. One of my young relatives (not one of my children) was at the wheel and severely injured, the young man was her brother. It was a moment that will forever change every one's life connected to this tragedy. I can only pray something positive will come of this, though right now it's difficult to know what that 'thing' is.

It's overwhelming and sad all the way around for family and friends. The pain was palpable and emotions were high.

What came to mind once again for me is how quickly life can be impacted or end. Your life can change in an instant. Don't waste time. Live, laugh, love and never take anything for granted.

It's how we live for the time we are here that counts most. I don't mean money, fame, and all of the superficial things people equate with "success". Think about your moments each day, who you have in your life and what you are doing with your time. Don't sweat the small stuff, people and things that won't matter at the end of your time here on earth.

It only takes a moment to see how vicious people can be online in particular to know a lot of folks have the meaning of life all wrong. I have been personally cyber-attacked many times, like most people in the public eye. The most recent was over something so silly but particularly hateful toward me because they felt I'd insulted one of their favorite singers and their queen in the spotlight from today's commercial music scene. It's not even worthy to give credence or energy to, beyond pondering the meaning of life, how crazy people and some fans can be and what one decides to devote their energy to. I've been an independent artist since 1995, and as such continue to learn a lot whether through college courses, fan polls, professional advice and so on and was stunned that my question posted at one of my networks generated such hatred. It was another learning experience for sure. People seem to think that calling a person old is something bad; I see it a lot not just when people try to insult me, but directed to anyone in the public eye over the age of 35.

The funny thing is first of all I'm older, not old; though I totally consider it a blessing to be my age and so seeing it made me laugh. Sitting at the service and thinking of this great family loss was potent.  I'm grateful each day for what I've achieved and aspire to other great things big and small. Old? I can take that. Sitting next to my mother who is in her 70's is a blessing. When I look at my daughter and son, my heart is always joyful. My journey has been paved with more than I could have dreamed for myself. This young man was just getting started and had recently overcome a few obstacles in his life.
In the car that morning his options ended, I couldn't help but reflect what I'd recently experienced online and how ultimately insignificant the insults directed at me were.

Looking at his coffin and hearing the cry's of everyone, especially his mother and sister was a reminder that many don't get to make it for the long haul or old age. My father passed away at 49 and it certainly was a defining moment back in my early 20's about the meaning of life for me as I have spoken on before. I made a choice to be happy and to try as hard as I can to be as close to that place of joy and happiness as i can even when times are tough. You at least know you are walking your own path living for the best of your life - that's what's important. Do you have love in your life? Do you love yourself? Most of the trolls online, I pray for them because I know they don't have self love and are wasting time on hatred, instead of pursuing their own dreams and achieving them.

Sitting at the service amongst family and friends made me reflect further what's most important - here's a few thoughts that came to mind:

Don't waste time.

Never take anything or anyone for granted.

As Oprah would say "Live Your Best Life".

Be in the moment.

Pay attention.

Be responsible for the energy you put out.

Don't sit on or prolong conflicts with people you love - resolve things when they happen as best you can. You may not get a second opportunity.


Keep your sense of humor, you'll need it a lot.

Surround yourself with good people that bring out and want the best in you and vice versa.



Rest in Peacefully. God bless the family to heal and Move forward.

(I have not included names for privacy reasons).