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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jody Watley. NARS. Larger Than Life.

From 1000 Greatest Album Covers of All Time. Taschen.

Make-Up: Francois Nars

My second album 'Larger Than Life' had photography by the legendary Steven Meisel. I'd seen his work in VOGUE Italia and knew he was the one to shoot the visuals. I wanted everything to be more high fashion, the choice made complete sense to me. My label MCA made it happen, which wasn't easy. Meisel didn't do music album covers. I've never really liked working with photographers who specialize in artists and musicians. from my point of view, especially in the 80's and 90's, music photographers seemed to work in a limited box or narrative of how artists were supposed to be photographed.

The Jody Watley Glam team at the time consisted of Paul Starr (make-up) and Ernie Banales (hair), and my art director Lynn Robb. Working with Steven Meisel meant working with his team of collaborators Francois Nars (make-up) and Oribe (hair). They took the idea and knocked it out of the park. The photo's and look we achieved are truly timeless. To be honest, at the time I don't believe the mainstream was ready for my turn from trendsetting edgy irreverence into fashion diva of a different kind. Every change is distinctively me.

Francois Nars launched a successful beauty line several years ago and I've been a supportive fan from afar. There's something cool knowing you've worked with people before they became mainstream. Francois Nars makes great products. My recent purchases include limited Edition "Foreplay" Palette (available at Sephora),  Kalahari and the metallic bronze Galapagos for the eyes and "More" Velvet lip gloss pencil; a great natural companion for a smokey eye. as I was browsing I perked up more when I came across his "Larger Than Life" collection (long-lasting eyeliner, Lipgloss, mascara) of which I added to my basket, by way of "Tribal" Lipgloss and one of the long-lasting eyeliners. I couldn't help but think of the connection and smile.