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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Art and Fashion. Nicholas Kirkwood and Keith Haring

Must see the incredible full collection: HERE

Classic Style.

Designer Patrick Kelly, Iman, Grace Jones, Naomi Campbell in the 80's.

I love the energy and joy in this photo.

Via: <- One of my favorite blogs, full of classic images and history.

Thought Of The Day.

People will always have opinions about what you choose to do in life. It's OK to listen and be open but no matter what other's may think; everyone must choose what feels right, it's an individual choice. There is no one size fits all, and it's impossible to please everyone -  who wants to anyway? Understand there will always be those quick to criticize change or anything they don't understand. Some get into a comfort zone and stay there - if that feels right for you, cool - but don't expect other's to do and be the same. In music it seems the majority of fans would prefer an artist to find a way to do the same thing over and over in a different way. This idea has always been difficult for's just not who I am and it can be frustrating because you constantly encounter those who want you to be what you were - back then (whenever that 'then' is for them). I've never been afraid to be myself or risk alienation from those who's comfort zone I didn't feed enough through my various artistic incarnations to date.

As a parent, we have to also give our children the tools of guidance confidence and encouragement to create and walk their own paths, as we would ourselves.

As long as you are walking in a positive direction - we all must live authentically and in our own time, place and destination, giving our wings the opportunity to flourish and grow into better people, artists, employees, family members, spouses, etc.  Look how far you've come - not where you've yet to go - you're on your way.

Celebrate yourself today and keep on steppin'!

Quote from David Viscott:

"This is my journey. This is my life. I create the road as I walk."

Photo Via: favim