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Friday, February 8, 2013

Jody Watley Photo Classic of The Day. GRAMMY's

Jody Watley, 2012
I'm proud to be a part of GRAMMY history. Some artists, musicians and songwriters never reach a moment like this - and I'm always proud to have done it. It's doubtful that any moment would ever come close to winning such a major award the music equivalent of an Academy Award. at the time in my life when I did win this it meant and means so much. No one expected it, including me. God had a plan bigger than the one I saw for myself. Coming out of Shalamar making such a huge individual impact was rewarding and vindicating to say the least. I've always said that after winning the Grammy for "Best New Artist," I got on with my artistic journey evolving into the artist I wanted to be - never being trapped in the box or rendering myself to the creative commercial expectations of others. This isn't an easy path to take.

When sitting on a panel with music legend Smokey Robinson; he mentioned having one Grammy and lamented on how today they seem to give them out like 'Chiclets.' It was a surprise moment because with his track record as a songwriter and artist, you would think his mantle would be overflowing in with them. It gave me a moment of pause. Fans take so much for granted. Really and truly, it's not the quantity - though of course it would be awesome to have stacks of them, but it's very special to have reached that type of pinnacle - AT ALL. It could be 70 years ago or right now as a young artist making a name for themselves; savor the moment.

My Bio and Discography touches on the depth of my journey Pre- and Post post Grammy win thus far including my groundbreaking collaboration with Eric B. & Rakim "Friends" became a formula with the custom verses that continues to impact music today among other notable influences in Music, Video, Fashion, Celebrity Ads, Cross Marketing and Style across various platforms. I've charted and had success in each decade since. Longevity has many faces and paths - I represent one --
Style is individual and unique to each of us and it should evolve over time, with a distinct essence at the core.
As a note, for my GRammy night style on this occasion I wore a vintage cocktail dress personalized and funked up with customized leather Biker jacket.

Photo: Getty Images