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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Music Notes. Little Dragon "Crystalfilm"

I love this song from band 'Little Dragon'. The fan-made video using footage from the classic 1966 film 'The Endless Summer' is juxtaposed perfectly as visual accompaniment to the lyrics and music.

The new 'Little Dragon' album is called "Ritual Union". I've discovered countless gems and artists in music beyond the limitations of the usual over-saturated and ever limited play lists in 'commercial' fare dating back to over a decade ago when I discovered and immersed myself in the incredible and vibrant underground music scene. Online stations, blogs, NPR Music Programs, etc -- venture out.

His Shoe Game. Missoni Desert Boots and Kenny

Missoni Desert Boots. Fall/Winter 2011

A new bit of flair added to the classic 'Desert Boot' from Missoni. I have to say these made me think of being in Junior High when they were a must have for girls and boys who wanted to feel cool and in style. If you had on some desert boots, you walked with a bit more attitude. This is a fond memory thinking of it now.

I had a crush on a boy named Kenny (isn't there a cute guy named Kenny at every school?), who wore a light brown pair all the time. Kenny was a star basketball player at the school and a senior (I was in 7th grade). He was tall, thin, ridiculously good-looking with paperbag brown skin. Kenny had a great smile with a big afro (a lot of girls were suckers for a guy with a big fro' and I was one of them too for a minute). The hilarious thing is Kenny didn't know I or any of my friends were alive, lol. My girlhood friends and I knew exactly when he'd be coming down the hall changing classes and where he sat during lunch.
We'd all be scrambling around and walking past him trying to be seen by him, like most of the girls at the school - but to no avail. Roller-skating was huge at the time. It was the thing to do on Saturday afternoons after Soul Train went off. Kenny was of course 'The Best Skater' and smooth as silk. To my shock, Kenny came up to me and asked to 'couple skate' once and I nearly fainted inside but played it totally cool. My friends and I gave each other a quick look sharing our own private moment as only we knew when it came to our collective Kenny crush.
All I could think of as we went around the rink was don't trip or fall and embarrass myself and most of all don't mess up and embarrass Kenny - as we glided around that floor in perfect precision.

Kenny and his desert boots had it going on.

Photo (via) HighSnobiety

Denim Style and Textile Innovation. "The Commuter" by Levi's

The technology involved with Levi's new 'Commuter' style is terrific, they look great and this is a cool ad. However, the male model really caught my eye!

Quote Of The Day.

"Always give without remembering, and always receive without forgetting." -Brian Tracy