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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nature's Beauty. Green Tea

I drink green tea just about everyday, without sugar or cream. I learned to enjoy it over the years when dining out at Chinese or Japanese restaurants. There was a time when I couldn't drink tea with some sort of sweetener. When I was younger it was more a case of tea with my sugar, but I outgrew that habit. If you are someone who is always looking for small ways to take care of your physical health, drinking green tea is one way to do just that. It's natural antioxidants and medicinal benefits have been known in Chinese culture for centuries, treating everything from depression to headaches and in recent years has shown up in research by America's National Cancer Institute.
Green tea is another of those gems which may help reduce risks of cancer, lowers cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease,  boost metabolism and aid in weight loss. I recently learned that it also helps in preventing tooth decay.
Green teas contains a bit of caffeine, but less than coffee.

Marc Jacobs Delivers Glam for Louis Vuitton in Paris

Marc Jacobs achieved his goal of bringing the camp glamour of the 20's to the Paris runway for Louis Vuitton's 2011 Spring Pret-A-Porter Collection. Jacobs has truly modernized the brand at every level. His collection used a color palette full of depth, variety, fun and drama, successfully incorporating a touch of Shanghai. Hair and make-up, especially the deep reds and burgandy for the lips compliments the look. It's also notable that Jacobs used models of color. In this day and age, it should be a given to see diversity represented, but sadly it's still not the case.

As a longtime collector of fans, the ones shown in this collection need to be with me - now!

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"I have found thoughts and words to be the foundation for success and failure in life. I'm teaching my kids when to whisper and when to shout." - Diana Ross

Black Pearls for Parents - "Meditations, Affirmations, and Inspirations For African American Parents, Eric V. Copage, Quill/Willam Morrow 1995

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Haider Ackermann. Womens Ready To Wear Spring/Summer 2011

I always like mixing hard edged pieces with something more soft and elegant, classic and progressive. Perhaps this is because it's almost a metaphor for life in expecting the unexpected. Fashion and personal style can reflect so many things about a person. I know I'm going off the rails a bit with the analogy. But this may also be why I'm attracted to these pieces from designer Haider Ackermann shown in Paris for Fashion Week, unexpected juxtapositions. The red and black top  almost looks like a kimono silhouette totally reconstructed, I like it.


"You can have the worst time or day of your life but it's important to remember to never make a permanent reaction to a temporary problem. It's important to be patient and realize that things do get better. One day you will look back and laugh or at least  know that you triumphed over the bad times.
Be strong, have faith and believe that you will overcome."

Monday, October 4, 2010

Notes. Divas Simply Singing

Preparing for my upcoming "Diva's Simply Singing" appearance in Beverly Hills on Oct. 9, I called upon Mon Atelier in Los Angeles. The elegant and intimate setting is like stepping back into time. It's an appointment only salon and one of the most elegant clothing experiences in the city. Each client is given the red carpet treatment.

Designer Ali Rahimi, who dresses many prominent actresses, celebrities and socialites, most recently had one of his couture gowns in the spotlight. Actress Jane Lynch of Glee was resplendent in one of his creations for The 62nd Primetime Emmy's. Lynch went home with a statuette for 'Outstanding Supporting Actress' in a Comedy Series and was also placed on many 'Best Dressed' lists for the evening.

This whimsical sequined fishtailed skirt with tiny feather accents caught my eye.  I was having fun playing dress up and trying on various gowns while hoping my spanx did the trick while getting measured. Before leaving I did strike one of my favorite Diana Ross poses reminiscent of her classic album "Baby It's Me",  I couldn't resist.

20th Annual Divas Simply Singing
Oct. 9, 2010
The Saban Theatre
Beverly Hills, CA
7:30 P.M.
Click the Header For More Details and Tickets to the Event.

Lanvin. Spring Summer Women's Ready To Wear 2011

My favorite looks from the Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Women's Ready To Wear Collection. I like the minimalist approach and softness of these looks.

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"Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity." - H. Hartman

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