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Monday, January 14, 2013

" know it's funnny - funny how time flies as I've watched days turn into yeeaars.." - lyric from 'Still a Thrill'
Though the pairing of black and white has always been a classic in fashion and runway mainstay it's back at the forefront of what's hot for Spring 2013. I can't help but recall wearing it  back in 1980 for a photo session I did while a member of the group Shalamar. In fashion, everything comes back around in some form or another.
If I see something I like and buy it; it's simply about what appeals to me and my individual style and taste - this has remained consistent with me through the years. If you've been around for a 'trend' that has returned and you choose to wear it;  it's about what works for you now. It's key to not be stuck in what worked in the past - make it work for you now. The same applies to make-up you can't wear the same hues that you did as a teen or young adult. Tweak, revise, remix, update! In this case I paired my new black and white blouse from Zara with bright orange slacks from H&M - effortless and relaxed chic.
The photo of me on the left is from 1980 when I was in Shalamar, the photo on the right was a couple of nights ago at a party I attended; still fabulous and still me - aging gracefully. If we're lucky we're all going to get older; the key is to do it with style and grace.
Jody Watley - Left, in 1980. Right, in 2013.
With Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine.

Photo's: Jody Watley