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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Catching Up With Jody Watley on JET Magazine

Get ready, Jody Watley fans. The Grammy winner’s new EP, Paradise, hits retail outlets in early 2014. She shared with JET the story behind the album, her future plans and whether there will be a “second time around” for Shalamar. Read it: NOW

Jody Watley Talks Shalamar, Hit Making Solo Run and More

PhotoL Mike Ruiz Makeup: Billy B.

My interview with David Mitchell takes on the business of Shalamar and topics that also include; "a hit-blazing solo run, and her latest endeavor “Nightlife,” the kick-off single from her forthcoming project, Paradise." Another must read: HERE 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jody Watley Takes Nightlife to Access Hollywood Live with Billy Bush

© 2013 Jody Watley. Billy Bush, Jody Watley and Kit Hoover

Jody Watley is back with a new single and album. The irresistible "Nightlife" had both hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover in the groove, with Bush unable to stay seated getting up and dancing on a memorable interview on Access Hollywood Live. Must see! Watch the archived and check out the dance off and interview: HERE 
The appearance also ended up as one the weeks top moments on TvLine - see who else made the list: HERE

Jody Watley's New Single Nightlife Is A Call To Get Fabulous

©2013 Jody Watley. Billy Johnson of Yahoo Music and Jody Watley 

From Yahoo Music: R and B superstar Jody Watley took some cues from some of her favorite songs when prepping her single "Nightlife," the debut from her first album in seven years.
"Nightlife" is a feel good, soulful dance record that offers an uplifting message with lyrics like, "Life ain't easy. I feel like I want to get out. Have myself a good time." 
Get more fabulous : here in a 3 part video informative and charming Jody Watley interview with Billy Johnson.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Jody Watley. Music Maverick. Wax Poetics Issue 57

Jody Watley by Victoria Pearson

Not everyone fits in with the mainstream. Some are born to be different. They are misfits, individualists, outsiders, and eccentrics that let their freak flags fly. Yet they have found a way to thrive on their own terms, transcending barriers of categorical concepts and popular expectations. Read the story: HERE

A double cover featuring Janelle Monae and Jody Watley, definitely a collectible.

Jody Watley Is Back Talking Iconic Style with Singersroom

©2013 Jody Watley 
Jody Watley is simply FABULOUS! Throughout her career she has been a trendsetter that has never sacrificed her integrity. She taught many how to move on Soul Train, how to groove as a member of Shalamar and she showed fans how hard it is to find a friend or love as a solo artist. Jody Watley talked to us about being authentic, connecting with her fans, her favorite spot in L.A., the dance movement, how controversy plays a big role in music today and more.

Read more: Here

Jody Watley Still A Thrill Talks New Music With Ebony Magazine

© 2013 Jody Watley. Jody Watley with Culture and Arts Editor of Ebony Magazine Miles Marshall Lewis

Check out the video interview with Miles Marshall Lewis talking career longevity and inspirations for "Nightlife" and the forthcoming "Paradise": Here

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jody Watley Proves She Still Has IT. CentricTV Howard Theatre Concert Review

The name Jody Watley has been an integral part of music for over three decades, and it seems the Grammy award winning R&B/Dance music diva isn’t slowing down any time soon…Click HERE to read full review. 

Of the variety of wardrobe changes and modifications I wore in Washington D.C.'s concert was a custom made kimono styled black sequined paillette belted jacket/top (my design) made by Gloria Garcia-Crouch funked up with black skinny jeans and studded black pumps.
Jody Watley. "LIVE" at The Howard Theatre. Photo: Mark Sutphin (c) 2013

For my 80's portion of pop hits, I quickly changed into a zippered biker jacket and my signature jumbo hoop earrings to the delight of the crowd who cheered loudly as I stood there and put them on saying "I need these" - with white and black spiked studded pumps. My guys accented me with spiked studded caps, bow ties, skinny jeans, white collared shirts and blazers. The outfit was later modified as I musically traveled into a deep cut from my underground electronica foray from 1999 by adding sunglasses, a custom "Classic Valentino" hat by Gladys Tamez Millenary, and another signature that I've performed with since my Soul Train dancer days - a handheld fan for that right touch of nightlife chic attitude. 

Jody Watley. "LIVE" at The Howard Theatre by Larry Webb (c) 2013

Jody Watley. "LIVE" at The Howard Theatre by DARRICK. (c) 2013

The crowd went banana's when I did another change and brought out 'the classic jacket' from my "Some Kind of Lover" and "Everything" video's. The vintage leather biker jacket with my image hand painted on the back, custom spiked, studded and rhinestoned sleeves a weighs over 100 lbs.

Jody Watley. "LIVE" at The Howard Theatre. Photo by: Micky Mic (c) 2013

Jody Watley. "LIVE" at The Howard Theatre. Photo: Alicia Kaye (c) 2013

The concert wouldn't be complete without some Jean Paul-Gaultier; form fitted jacket, black t-shirt, black spiked belt to close with some fashion walk fabulousness on "Real Love."
Jody Watley. "LIVE" The Howard Theatre. Photo: Jay Boucher (c) 2013

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jody Watley. Elizabeth and James. InStyle.

Arriving Chateau Marmont - one paparazzi asked "Miss Ross?" I laughed and said no "Ms. Jody Watley!"

Jody Watley: Photo Booth InStyle Elizabeth and James
A gorgeous roof-top view from the sixth floor

With Christos Garkinos atop Chateau Marmot

A bit of Los Angeles nightlife with my friend Christos Garkinos at an intimate InStyle hosted handbag event for totally niche and chic line Elizabeth and James at Chateau Marmont. I chose to embrace color-blocking for a change and for the occasion. When we arrived I nearly had mixed emotions because most everyone was in black and or black and white. The only time I like to stand out is onstage and so admittedly, there was a part of me that felt like a fish out of water.
I especially loved the clutch bags which were fabulous as well as the modern take on a photo booth - always a reminder of childhood.

3 Photo's: Jody Watley (c) 2013

Arrival Photo: via Zimbio

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Shalamar Originals Reunite.

One of Shalamar's original male lead singers, Gerald Brown drove to Indianapolis for my concert at 4th Street Live texting me to say "You don't think you can come within a hundred miles from Indy and I not be there. See you in Louisville!!"

Gerald was there for soundcheck and then joined me onstage in front of thousands, some who'd also driven in from miles around to the open air plaza. They witnessed a bit of Shalamar history, as two leads sang one as we had not done in 35 years "Take That to The Bank," when I was a teen and naive to this crazy business. It was a blast for both of us and the joyous audience who sang and danced with me for my entire show.
"It's In The Music!"

Former Shalamar Members Gerald Brown and Jody Watley.

JodyWatleyStyle: In custom Sequined Paillette Black Kimono Top, Black Skinny Jeans by J Brand, and Matte Black Studded Pumps.

Photo: Jody Watley, 2013