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Monday, December 3, 2012

Jody Watley Attends InStyle Magazine Golden Globes 2013 Event.

Grammy Winning Pop /R&B Pioneer Jody Watley rocking Dita Von Teese Collection available exclusively at Decades at Hollywood Foreign Press and InStyle Magazine's Golden Globes 2013 Celebration Kick-Off Event at Cecconi's in West Hollywood, California.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jody Watley. Backstage Glam. Soul Train Awards 2012

Wearing an understated bias cut and draped custom made purple jersey gown. The look was inspired by golden era Hollywood Glam. I was torn between funky and trendy - but chose classic; though my Alexander McQueen python skull and jeweled knuckle clutch bag was a nod to that eclectic side of my style personality.

Jody Watley Outside Backstage Soul Train Awards 2012

Photo: Jody Watley

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jody Watley. Attends Harper's Bazaar Fendi Reception in Los Angeles.

Attended a casually chic cocktail reception at Fendi, The Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Christos Garkinos of Co-Owner of Decades, Avril Graham Executive Fashion and Beauty Editor of Harper's Bazaar, and Carlota Espinosa CEO and Co- Founder of Styleloot were co-hosts presenting Fendi Resort 2013.  I made the printed pants trend my own by pairing them with a black turtleneck and black Christian Louboutin's.

Jody Watley with Co-Owner of Decades Christos Garkinos

Photo's: and Jody Watley, All Rights Reserved 2012.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Jody Watley. Soul Train Awards 2012.

For the red carpet I opted for a bias cut custom made royal purple jersey gown with a train. My inspiration was a take on classic hollywood glamour. The glasses are grey Ant 'Top Off Amber' with rose colored lenses.
I always stop to acknowledge the fans who show me love - also a part of my style!

Jody Watley, wind swept on the Soul Train Awards 2012 Red Carpet, Las vegas

Photo's: Jody Watley
All Rights Reserved 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jody Watley. 'Loving The Silent Tears' An International Musical Event. African Style.

Being a part of this prestigious global cast of 16 diverse artists, stellar production team not to mention a meaningful musical event; was one of the great experiences I've enjoyed in my career. Working with Vincent Paterson was a dream come true.

My main song about gratitude which came near the end of the show at a pivotal moment in the story was in 'Africa'.  I'd never worn this grand of a costume and felt very regal. It was breathtaking to see the scale and beauty of all of the cultural costuming in the show. The musical took the audience and all of us on a visual and spiritually woven journey around the world on October 27, 2012 at The Shrine Auditorium.

In Partial Costume, Pre-Show with our director Legendary VIncent Paterson.

In Costume Pre-Show with Emmy Winning Choreographer Bonnie Story.

With Lula Washington and Some of her Dance Company

With Vietnamese Pop Star HoQuynh Huong about to get in Limo's for Red Carpet

More Photo's in the Gallery on my Facebook Page:

And Instagram / Jody Watley

All Photo's Copyright: Jody Watley

Friday, October 19, 2012

Jody Watley At Dita Von Teese Collection Launch.

At Decades for the Dita Von Teese Dress Collection launch In the classic VIP trench coat dress. Accent details include a bit of tulle underneath, front and back pleats and secret pockets. I love it! To compliment the coat I wore silver metallic Jimmy Choo peep toe pumps from Decades. Golden Era Hollywood Veronica Lake-esque styled soft wave hair completed my look for the evening. Oh - and my classic 'cat' eyeliner for the make-up/beauty inspiration.

With Decades' Christos Garkinos

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Craft and Art of Embroidery and Beading.

I believe my love, interest and appreciation of beading and embroidery came from watching Sonny & Cher, as well as The Cher Show Show in the 70's as a child. I came to know who Bob Mackie was because at the time television programs ran credits and I wanted to know who did what.

When I designed for my former group Shalamar, some of our costumes gave me the opportunity to work a few hard to find local specialists who did the work by hand.

This video about Francois Lesage of the legendary Maison Lesage, Paris provides a meaningful glimpse into the traditions and beauty of the craft of beading and embroidery as well as fabric creation. There's a sweet and poignant moment when he mentions that when he started out taking over for his parents at Maison Lesage that he was the youngest, and now he is the oldest. There's also a nice recollection of creating a beaded crocodile for Yves St Laurent among other experiences he shares here.

Check it out!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Love These..

Tom Ford padlock ankle strap patent pumps! The price is steep, but it's a fierce shoe in white or black.

Upper White: via Neiman Marcus
Bottom Black via: polyvore

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jody Watley. NARS. Larger Than Life.

From 1000 Greatest Album Covers of All Time. Taschen.

Make-Up: Francois Nars

My second album 'Larger Than Life' had photography by the legendary Steven Meisel. I'd seen his work in VOGUE Italia and knew he was the one to shoot the visuals. I wanted everything to be more high fashion, the choice made complete sense to me. My label MCA made it happen, which wasn't easy. Meisel didn't do music album covers. I've never really liked working with photographers who specialize in artists and musicians. from my point of view, especially in the 80's and 90's, music photographers seemed to work in a limited box or narrative of how artists were supposed to be photographed.

The Jody Watley Glam team at the time consisted of Paul Starr (make-up) and Ernie Banales (hair), and my art director Lynn Robb. Working with Steven Meisel meant working with his team of collaborators Francois Nars (make-up) and Oribe (hair). They took the idea and knocked it out of the park. The photo's and look we achieved are truly timeless. To be honest, at the time I don't believe the mainstream was ready for my turn from trendsetting edgy irreverence into fashion diva of a different kind. Every change is distinctively me.

Francois Nars launched a successful beauty line several years ago and I've been a supportive fan from afar. There's something cool knowing you've worked with people before they became mainstream. Francois Nars makes great products. My recent purchases include limited Edition "Foreplay" Palette (available at Sephora),  Kalahari and the metallic bronze Galapagos for the eyes and "More" Velvet lip gloss pencil; a great natural companion for a smokey eye. as I was browsing I perked up more when I came across his "Larger Than Life" collection (long-lasting eyeliner, Lipgloss, mascara) of which I added to my basket, by way of "Tribal" Lipgloss and one of the long-lasting eyeliners. I couldn't help but think of the connection and smile.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jody Watley Photographed by Francesco Scavullo. Classic Pop Style.

"..making a substantial dent in the annuals of pop history" - Harper's Bazaar, jody Watley 1988 photographed by legendary Francesco Scavullo.

"The label at the time didn't want to pay the fare for the trip to New York, not understanding how appearing in a fashion magazine would help sell records or raise the artists profile..but I knew, so I paid for the trip myself. It wouldn't be long before labels would soon get it. I was familiar with the work of Scavullo because he'd photographed one of my inspirations growing up Diana Ross and I was an avid reader of VOGUE from childhood because my Mom always bought it. "

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Art and Fashion. Antonio Lopez

I'm very much looking forward to the September release "Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex and Disco" By Roger and Mauricio Padilha from Rizzoli Books. 

Book Cover via: Rizzoli
Second Illustration / Interview via: Trendland

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson.

I have some fun Prince stories and anecdotes. I've been fortunate to meet the man of whom I'm a longtime fan; and spend a bit of time, initially through Andre Cymone.  I've said previously Prince is one of my music inspirations. a true artist, kick ass performer "live" and full of business savvy and Rock and Roll Bad Ass.

Happy Birthday to the one and only Prince Rogers Nelson - thank you for your genius, sexy and spunk!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jody Watley. Summer Style Color-Blocking Trend.

I don't usually like tight fitting clothes or too much color. with this outfit however - I went for it! the color blocking trend has taken me taken me out of my all black comfort zone. When it comes to style, as long as it suits you, go for it.

Just over 50, mother of two young adults and fab - yes that's me!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Love. Influence and Magic. Donna Summer.

It was sad news to read Donna Summer has passed away. She is one of my music inspirations. As a dancer on Soul Train as a teen - I was there when she made her debut and subsequent return. All of the dancers were excited to see this new mysterious singer the sexy persona and music that made us really work the dance-floor even harder. When her songs played on set or in the clubs you could feel the extra enthusiasm and passion. 

(That's me dancing to Donna's music on Soul Train in silver lame shorts!)

(Dancing to 'The Queen' in white skinny jeans!)

I understand the "Queen of Disco" label however I feel it marginalizes her place in music history. Not simply "Disco" Donna Summer also ruled "Pop" Music radio and charts for a time. She also brought elements into the mainstream fusing Rock (Hot Stuff) with dance, not to mention pushing the sexual envelope at the time though she quickly determined she didn't want to get stuck in that box. Summer really worked all genres and was such an inspiration. Being paired with Barbara Streisand for "Enough Is Enough" had to also be one of the first mega-watt pairings of two music superstars. Donna Summer continued to intrigue with a host of iconic images to match the music.

Donna Summer's double albums were and are unparalleled concept albums, few did them better male or female in any genre - her releases for me were events.  I couldn't wait to see the cover art, read the liner notes and listen to the music. "Four Seasons Of Love" is one of my favorite albums. With the freestyle dance "Waacking", a lot of us were hitting those Giorgio Moroder Donna Summer beats. This continues for the new young global set of kids learning and doing the dance - Donna Summer's music is a must. From my point of view she was an underrated singer and songwriter in the midst of her legendary career.

When I signed my solo deal with MCA, Jheryl Busby the executive who signed me, had worked with Donna Summer in promotions during her Casablanca years. When I started telling him my ideas and concepts, Jheryl totally understood and supported my vision. Why? In part because of his history with Donna and Casablanca. When he revealed his work with her, it made me feel at ease with him. In essence, she was indirectly a part of my decision to sign with MCA. We were connected through him.

Donna Summer's music is a part of the soundtrack of my life along with millions of other's around the world.  As a fellow veteran artist in this business and continued fan of her work I know that she continued to create quality music up through her last full length 'Crayons' and single 'To Paris With Love' a couple of years ago. 

The current dominance of dance music that young artists have jumped on is rooted in disco. Electro / techno roots is simply another extension of the form and so I hope they know she's another artist whose shoulders they stand on. As Brian Eno told David Bowie upon hearing "I Feel Love" in Berlin- "I have heard the sound of the future.."

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. I will continue to celebrate the amazing magic, connection and joy from her music legacy and life.

Thank you Donna Summer. Rest in Peace.

New York Times: "The Queen of Disco Who Transcended and Era":

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank You Vidal.

Vidal Sassoon was a true visionary, not just as a master of several iconic hairstyles and cutting techniques but for from what I recall the first hair guru to become celebrity stylist bringing a new glamour to Hollywood not to mention the fashion world. Vidal Sassoon also brought product branding to the mainstream. I was an early fan of his shampoo's and conditioners - loved the smell and what his products did to my hair.
During my days living in London, I went to one of his Academy's after reading an article in British VOGUE to get a bob. Being at The Vidal Sassoon Academy was my first experience in a truly high end salon. I was fascinated by the coloring and cuts being done and felt very pampered. My stylist Aitch Peters went on to become Senior Creative Director for Vidal Sassoon.

My second visit was for a version of an early mohawk. Over the years I've worn different incarnations of haircuts created by Sassoon including the Bob and the Pixie cut (worn in my GAP ad) made famous by Mia Farrow. His style is still visible in various variations today and no doubt will be for all time.

My first Sassoon cut in 1984.

Sassoon influence, 90's Bob.

Jody Watley, Sassoon Bob in 2008.

The Classic 5 point Nancy Kwan Bob cut.

Signature style for Mia Farrow.

Fashion Icon, Twiggy with Sassoon cut.

Rest Peacefully Mr. Sassoon, a true great.

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Twiggy Photo: Via Adrina Sassoon

Monday, May 7, 2012

Jody Watley. Classic Style. Vintage In Norma Kamali.

Vintage, 1989.

In Norma Kamali with Shalamar Vintage 1982.

I have so many favorite Norma Kamali style moments. The Kamali Boutique in New York 56th, just off 5th Avenue was one of my many 'must do' first shopping stops, even if just to look around. To experience the Glamour of the store before fashion and style became commercial and perhaps jaded remains pivotal. Kamali is another trailblazer who has always gone her own way. I've recently learned more about her and thanks to modern technology exchanged Twitter messages. I was able to let her know not assuming she knew how long I'd worn her clothes that I was a longtime fan and appreciator of her work.
I've worn her clothes since the 70's. Old or classic Hollywood is a longtime influence on me, since I was a little girl; there's a timelessness to it all.

Kamali's ruched 40's inspired swimdress is still sold as a part of her collection and is flattering to any woman's figure as summer approaches.

Timeless in 2012.

To Learn More:

Lux In Lanvin.

J'adore, I could totally rock this!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Health, Wellness and Beauty.

I'm currently in love with brussel sprouts. When I was a little girl, I'd call them baby cabbages. They're one of those vegetables that you either loved or tried to run from the table when you knew they'd be on the dinner plate. I always liked them. Getting vitamins and natural nutrients is a part of my daily lifestyle and I encourage it to others - take care of yourself from the inside out. Lately I haven't been able to get enough of them. Low cholesterol, low in calories, protects against cancer due to the high amount of glucosinolates, greater than broccoli.
I get fresh brussel sprouts or pick up packages of them at Trader Joe's, they are so easy to prepare and also filling because of the fiber content.  Steam, drizzle with a bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil then top with a touch of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. Additionally, adding indian spices like a sprinkle of curry powder or Garam Masala as well as garlic are also great compliments to your servings. Yum!

knowing that you're taking care of yourself and eating healthy as must as possible should bring a smile to your face everyday.

Read about the nutritional benefits of brussel sprouts here:

Photo: From the dining table of Jody Watley

Art and Fashion. Carmen Marc Valvo