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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Like His Style. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp just seems to get better with age and is an acting chameleon that I never tire of. His personal mystique remains intact, unlike many of today's stars, allowing you to become immersed in his characters with each role. Additionally, Depp has really cool individual style - not to mention the best cheekbones in the business.

Quote of The Day.

"Take care of yourself. Good health is everyone's major source of wealth. Without it, happiness is almost impossible."  - Unknown

Nature's Beauty. Beets

I love beets and always have. They always remind me of Sunday dinners and I thank my Mom for always feeding us such good food. She made the best pickled beets when I was a little girl and now I use her recipe , much to her delight.  Beets with their vibrant color are are another vegetable with natural antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.  Steam, roast or pickle or juice - all good.

Gucci. Spring Summer 2011


I see a contemporary take on 70's disco chic on some of the vibrant color pieces which begin the show. There are so many pieces I like in texture, muted tones, leather and ethnic flourishes for intricate simplicity.  I like the music which accompanies this presentation though it's not the original from the show. I probably shouldn't say it but I'll be waiting for Nine West to knock off some of the shoes. I love fashion and a good bargain as well.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Notes. Blurred Vision

I'm amused while writing this 'aging and life over forty' essay. We all know it, everything is youth based which makes women in particular prone to be a bit neurotic when it comes to the subject of aging because of the images we are inundated with on a daily basis. Part of my desire to do this blog is to share some of the thoughts you don't really see in magazines.

If you've worn glasses all of your life you might not relate to this post. If you are of a certain age and have found yourself squinting, holding menu's far from your face and back again close enough to your nose to smell the page or menu - this is for you. If you're older, never had to wear glasses in your life and coming to terms with the fact that your eyes and vision are changing? Read on.

I was in denial for quite a while and suffered through blurred vision while trying to read small print. I was squinting like crazy. Visa and passport forms, ingredients on labels or even trying to read a book or magazine article after a certain time of day had become my enemy and were accompanied with thoughts of 'Oh, no'.

Determined not to become the old lady with the glasses dangling from her neck I prolonged the inevitable; getting my eyes checked and being told the dreaded "You'll need a prescription for reading glasses, no more 20/20 vision." "How can this be cute?", I thought. It was silly vanity and I recognize it. I feel so young, surely my eyes felt the same way. This was not to be and after a hilarious dinner with friends where the lighting was a bit too ambient for all of us, we laughed acknowledging how we all felt. Each of us was in the same dreaded boat titled 'Your Eyes Are Going Bad'. Holding a tealight or votive candle or other tiny form of illumination closely to shine a light on our food choices was no longer doing the trick. Neither was extending your arms from your body with menu's in hand, as if by doing so and apparent magic, the words would appear large enough to read. If you've been there, I hope you're having a good laugh right now with me.

It's been several of years now, and I'm still not the lady with the glasses dangling from her neck. I'll never get one of those chains unless I become a seamstress. Instead, I've made a decision that if I must wear them I'll find the pair which suits me best. Lasik surgery or anything like that is out of the question because the very thought frightens me and putting in contact lenses - forget about it.

Currently, I've really come to love my Oliver Peoples 'Ari' glasses. They're like chic nerd glasses or perhaps I was channeling a sexy school teacher. Whatever the case, the frame is a vintage inspired square masculine shape in what they describe as 'olive tortoise' color, with a brown hue. I tried on at least 10 pair in the optical boutique before choosing them. Luckily I had a patient and understanding sales associate. I've gone through 3 styles from Paul Smith and Chanel over the past few years, but these are my favorite. People always compliment them when I wear them, but best of all I can see what I'm trying to read or on this case - type!

Another lesson learned, now that I need them, is to always keep a spare pair on hand - but that's another post.

Classic Style. Andre Leon Talley

U.S. VOGUE Fashion Editor at large Andre Leon Talley is a true fashion veteran, having started in the business in the 70's. He's been with VOGUE since 1983. I haven't seen him as judge on America's Next Top Model, but I'm sure he's a terrific addition to the show. Often on television they have people talking fashion who don't seem to have any style themselves, let alone any knowledge of the history of design.

Photos: (via)

Quote of The Day.

"Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine they see all day." - P.S. I Love You, H. Jackson Browne Jr.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Window Shopping. Vivienne Westwood Comes to LA

I've worn Vivienne Westwood clothes since the early 80's, when I was in full fledged World's End mode living in London. Westwood is one of fashion design's true visionaries, and is on the short list of people I'd love to meet someday. One of my favorite things is a pearl orb necklace that I still wear from time to time.
On a recent trip to Japan my make-up artist surprised me with a pair of Vivienne Westwood gloves as a gift and I was as giddy as a schoolgirl.

I'm so excited she's opening a flagship boutique in Los Angeles. I had to pull my car over and snap a pic.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Music Notes. CHIC Savoir Faire

October VOGUE. 70's meets the 30's Glam

Though I get the majority of content online, there is still something that can't be replaced by browsing the pages of a favorite magazine, this probably goes back to my childhood when my Mom bought fashion magazines.
I picked up October's domestic VOGUE and instantly fell in love with this layout titled 'Society Slouch' featuring Chanel Iman, Jourdann Dunn and Caroline Trentini. Fashion from the 70's and 30's are among my favorites in style.
Though the looks pictured feature a range of designers from Calvin Klein Collection, Celine, Donna Karan, Maison Martin Margiela to name a few, I think these looks can be achieved by also blending vintage pieces with contemporary.

Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Photos: (via) VOGUE October 2010

Chanel Iman Has Canadian Flare

Chanel Iman's model star quality continues to rise. I'm digging the colored pony tail.

Photo: (via)
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Daily Bliss.

The ability to start again.