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Monday, June 7, 2010

My Favorite Things: Oversized Sunglasses.

I love oversized sunglasses and have been collecting them for years. Even as a child, I always thought large frames looked so glamourous. Wherever my travels take me, I'm on the lookout for standout shades. Whether they be great vintage finds, street vendor knock-offs, or really expensive designer eyewear, I have to have a pair of great sunglasses as a part of my daily style vibe. These Oliver Peoples "Chelsea" black sunglasses are my absolute favorites. I never leave home without them.

-Oliver Peoples

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SerenityLife said...

My mother has always worn oversized glasses. Her *tint* is extremely dark but that's because she needs it for an eye condition that she has. I've always been accustomed to her dark shades but it's been interesting how some people have reacted to her.

In the 1970s, her friends called her the *black Jacqueline Onassis* because of her glasses and her style. I found that extremely hilarious because my Mom did have a Kennedy connection for she worked for Senator Ted Kennedy as his attorney for a year in 1965 at the US Capitol. She left Senator Kennedy's office and the building that she had her office space in (910 16th St NW Washington DC) was also the same building that was designed by the architect [I.M. Pei -] that envisioned and oversaw the construction of the Kennedy Presidential Library.

I guess it definitely was fitting to refer to my Mom that way because of her Kennedy connection. But, she never explained to those who dubbed her the "black Jackie O" that because of her eye condition that she prefers wearing oversized glasses. Wild!

Had to share the story. Sorry for my digression for I obviously have a true love for oversized glasses! xo