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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 Tips For Shopping Smarter.

1. T-Shirts.
You can find budget friendly T-shirts at a variety of outlets and boutiques. Though I do love cotton cashmere blends, generally I stock up on inexpensive T's.

2. Trendy.
There was a time when I wouldn't think twice about spending crazy money on trendy items. That phase didn't last long. If you like something and you know it might be dated quickly or seasonal,find the best inexpensive version of it and wear it well.

3. Fun Accessories.
Costume jewelry is a fun option to more expensive pieces which can last a lifetime. Have fun with bangles, chunky bracelets, bold plastic from the transparent to colorful. Necklaces, depending on the style can be layered to create a dramatic effect. Currently, I've been taking advantage of metal chain and bib necklaces. I will say though, to make sure you assess even costume jewelry wisely. A really good piece of inexpensive jewelry could still look like you spent a fortune.


un_taco said...

I'm so super proud of myself, because I've told these tips to friends myself, but it's SO much better when you have Jody Watley backing you.

This will also be fun to share with my students! My art classes with my older students has almost turned into Fashion 101 because of your blog. =P

un_taco said...


Jody Watley said...

Thank you! Nice blog by the way, thanks for the mention.

un_taco said...

It's only well deserved, Jody - keep inspiring! <3