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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Affordable Style. Nine West Fall 2010

Nine West Fall 2010 Preview

Affordable looks for the style conscious should always be on the radar. If you can save some cash and still look great - that's the best. Nine West always has really good 'Get The Look For Less' options. Here are a few pieces in line with the 'military' inspired trend for fall, which I might add; the look never seems to completely go away. I've never been a huge camouflage fan, but these pieces really work.

Photo: (via) Flickr


Kanisha said...

Oh damn! I'm geeked! I looooooooooooooooooove Nine West! I believe 90% of my dress shoes are Nine West! This is hottttttttt! Where can I get the purse and shoe set??

un_taco said...

Ms. Watley, you rock! Passing this on to my girls. <3

Kim. Criminal is kimtv said...

It is true about the military-inspired look returning to the fore every 4-5 years. If only I were the same size as last go round, ha!