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Monday, August 23, 2010

Notes. Celebrate

That you are alive. That you won. That although you were beaten, you are still here. That you feel. That a hummingbird visited you. That the breeze carried the perfume of spring. That the car started and the breaks held. That the sunset was mauve and golden amber.
That the rose broke through at last and bloomed. That you cried. That you were remembered. That you remember. That the wind carried a message of hope. That you love. That you once loved. That all music and art were intended just for you. That you were right. That you forgave. That it rained and the rain forgave all of us. That you are human, after all.

- David Viscott

1 comment:

un_taco said...

Ms. Watley, sometimes you know just the right thing to say or share with your fans. I needed this -- BADLY. Thank you. Putting everything into a more positive perspective, I promise. <3