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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Music Notes. Chameleon

I tweeted last night about 'Chameleon', as well as reminiscing on why I loved the disco era. There was some great music, and you can start with The Sound of Philadelphia.

Here are my tweets with regard to the music last night on Twitter:

Often when recording or writing a song, it's like considering a tattoo. How will it age, will I still enjoy it decades on :-)

Working on my 10th musical odyssey 'Chameleon'. Some of my best has gone under the radar, but iTunes has them all if u missed any

Electronic. Drum and Bass. Dance. Remixes. Pop. R&B..and umm..when I started out at 17 and in a group - disco.

I loved the disco era (got a bad rap) everyone got dressed up to go out. There was some good stuff in there..used to dance my heels off

I want you to feel like dressing up and getting funky on the dance-floor when you hear "Chameleon" and my songs you can sing out loud

-More to come..

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