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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Music Notes. Rahsaan Patterson "Easier Said Than Done"

"Like a plate of cheese grits flavored soul satisfaction.." (via Twitter). 

This is the first single from Rahsaan Patterson's highly anticipated new album "Bleuphoria", his 6th.  I don't like when I read things like 'Real music is back' - where did it go? Real music aka quality music or artists never left. Simply put, commercial radio with their shortened corporate playlists and "analysts" control the airwaves and major labels don't put the same marketing dollars behind every artist, especially those with a true vision of their artistry unwillingly to play the industry game or cozy up to the industry gatekeepers; to mention a couple of barriers in getting mainstream exposure. Truly independent artists work within a different realm and it's up to true music appreciators be it soul, electronic, modern funk, alternative or whatever, to seek the music out. Take time to get to know the new music and the artist behind it. Take advantage of personal blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and so on.
In this era fans are conditioned to judge music on sales, rather than quality. This pedantic mentality is rampant on most of the popular entertainment or gossip blogs and publications. Don't be led by what's popular, there's room for that, and I get it, but most importantly be led by what moves you. Be open minded about the music that you don't hear oversaturating airwaves 20 million times a day - and if you like it tell your friends about it, be your own radio station.

"Easier Said Than Done" is available at iTunes and now. "Bleuphoria" is scheduled for release Spring 2011. I'm sure artists like John Legend will be taking copious notes.

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