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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Notes. Spirit and Grace: Elizabeth Edwards

I'm sorry to learn of the passing of Elizabeth Edwards. She was a woman of inner strength and dignity; both qualities I admire tremendously.  A mother, fighting hard in the midst of family tragedy, health and marital struggles, tabloid headlines and public scrutiny captured the hearts of millions of women who in my view were pulling for her to prevail.

This article from NPR say's it best:

New York Times:

Elizabeth Edward's very poignant message posted just the day before her passing on her Facebook page, which beautifully puts life in perspective and her showed her incredible spirit:

May she rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers go out to her children, family and friends who truly knew and supported her with love.

** I have to add..
I wonder how former Senator John Edwards and that woman who seemed to take so much smug glee at helping push their marriage into a ditch feels.... it's beside the point, but it crossed my mind.

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