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Monday, February 7, 2011

In My Beauty Bag. Touche'

I discovered Touche' Beauty just before my most recent birthday. To say I'm a products junkie is probably accurate. As I get older, focusing on my skin is paramount. I try not to obsess about staying young; the reality is father time gets everyone eventually if we are so blessed to make it for the long haul. I do, however, want to look good and not tired on the outside and feel good on the inside most of all. No surgery, needles and fillers - just give me creams, potions and serums, in addition to a healthy lifestyle. I love trying new products and changing my beauty regime, my skin never gets a chance to get bored.
I'm currently using all three of the serums: Oxygen, Caviar, and Marine Collagen. In addition to the serums, their 'Jade Roller' has become an instant hit. I've learned that jade has been used for centuries in Ancient Eastern Medicine and known for it's curative and restorative benefits. Who knew?!  I've been rolling away on my face and eyes with the few fine lines between my eyebrows getting extra attention. The 'Jade Roller' is like a spa tool after a facial perfect for home and has an instant calming effect. The serums are lightweight and can be used individually or together.

I recently tried a "Collagen" candle from another company which was also cool - but that's another post!

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Tara said...

Hi Jody! I'm glad you liked the Touche products! Now, we have all seven serums available... Please get in touch with me if you're interested in them! Thanks for the great review!
Touche Beauty