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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Art and Music. Jody Watley

Jody Watley and Takako Utsumi (Illustrator). Tokyo, Summer 2011

On my trip to Japan last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Takako Utsumi who me presented me with these incredible illustrations. She did a phenomenal job with the detailing (down to including my signature handheld fan open and closed). I love the Japanese Kimono designs and use of color as well.

I'm wearing a piece of illustrated art on a honey colored T-shirt with my likeness from "Larger Than Life", my second album from 1989.  I don't know the name of the guy who drew it, but I remember he gave it to me in New York City when I performed at Summerstage with Masters At Work back in 2003 (I sang 'I Love to Love' which also featured Roy Ayers). I was in awe of this illustration and still am. I'm sure photographer Steven Meisel, who was behind the lens for the original photo would also approve. It's cool when people get the details of a person's features and the nuances that make us all unique. I'd like to reproduce this shirt for my online boutique - maybe the artist will read this blog and say yes to the idea.

I have a few gorgeous giant art pieces hanging in my house that were given to me professionally framed. I've also kept many small works of art that I also cherish. that someone would take their time to create their art because of their appreciation of mine is something I never take for granted or dismiss.

My green pashmina and lace fan are also gifts - I'm a lucky lady!


Vonne said...

Beautiful. Now that is REAL Love. ( yep, I know it was corny but it had to be said. I'll bet you even smiled).

Anonymous said...

Miss Jody...lookin' absolutely fabulous! I can't wait 2 experience Chameleon'. Love always,GOJ