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Monday, February 6, 2012

Window Shopping. Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills

Snapped from my car while stopped at a red light in Beverly Hills. Christian Louboutin window, 1 of 3.
Christian Louboutin was scheduled to do a special in-store appearance and signing.

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true badass said...

Hello Jody Watley!

I send you a message on the but I don't know If you'll get it, so that's why im contacting you here.

We are two girls from Finland writing a monthly column about street dance and street style in a Finnish girls magazine called Miss Mix. We are writing about Soul Train on our April issue. Would be nice If you could briefly share us your memories and knowledge. We will also release the interview in our blog.(

-How did you end up being a part of The Soul Train program?
-What is your best memory of the show?
-How did the Show impact the street dance culture?

We would also need a funky picture of you with the interview. A good quality picture with a resolution at least 1000mb, so that the picture is printable.
Our deadline is on Friday (17th of February), so we would appreciate your fast response.

Your music, dance, style and beauty have been big inspiration for us in our own dance and style! We also dance street dance, mainly hip hop and waacking. You are so versatile with an amazing sense of style.

Heres a link to our previous columns:
And a link to the magazines page:

Lots of love from Finland!
Marika Peura and Kaisa Nieminen