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Sunday, July 18, 2010

In My Beauty Bag. Black Honey.

Another gem of a tip from one of my make-up artists many years ago. It remains a popular cult classic among make-up fashionistas and a favorite of mine. This is sheer, barely there lip color when you want want just a touch of pigment. My make-up artist told me the look is 'as if you've been kissed really hard'. I was also told that this works great on any skin tone as well. Topping it off, the name of this Clinique goodie is 'Black Honey'. A newer sheer lip moisturizing gloss version is available only at Sephora.


Kanisha said...

I was waiting to find out where to get it from and then BAM....last word....Sephora....LAWD MUST LIP GLOSS BE THAT EXPENSIVE...I can only imagine how much this is but, seems like a great product.....i may try it....shhhhhhhhh....don't tell nobody

Jody Watley said...

It's 14.00, or if you drink Starbucks two lattes, or frappacino's and a scone.. If you go to clubs, it's cheaper than paying to get in only to get your shoes stepped on and agitated by a bad DJ and rude people OR having a cocktail, it's one or two of something, etc.. this is still cheaper, lol.
Not to mention the fact that this product willI last a long time. I don't think $14.00 is that bad, depends on how you look at it :-)

Kanisha said...

Most definitely not....... I am gonna get some...... Whewwwww, great debate of persuasion! Lol......SOLD to the cheap femcee! LOL