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Friday, July 23, 2010

Nature's Beauty. Limes

Limes contain Vitamin C, always good for the immune system. They also contain valuable folic acid, B6 and potassium.

Beyond their delicious taste in some food dishes, including pie and margaritas, a bit of lime and water can be used in the kitchen to get rid of greasy messes in the kitchen. Limes because of their Vitamin C also rejuvenate and brighten skin according to researchers. Add a bit of sea salt to lime juice it becomes an effective exfoliant for dry and dead skin.
If you've done a bit too much on the alcohol, drinking lime juice and water can help with hangovers in helping an over taxed liver the morning after.

For a refreshing drink and relief from the summer heat, simply add a twist of lime to cold water, no sugar required.

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