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Friday, July 30, 2010

Individual Style.

I met Kevin G. Ma the other day while I was out shopping. He politely asked me for the time. Right away I noticed his style. As he walked away I told him I liked his shoes to which he replied they were "Alexander Wang, ladies collection", which I thought was cool. Clothing isn't always gender specific, and doesn't have to be. He was also wearing pants which had an asymmetrical drape, all put together in a effortless way.
I smiled and said his whole vibe was cool, and asked to take his picture. It turns out he has a really cool blog as well.

Click the header of this post to check him out.

Boots: Frankie Creeper, Alexander Wang

Photo: (via) Jody Watley


Kevin G. Ma said...

pictures came out great!! the frankie creeper boots are actually by alexander wang* love the blog jody!

Jody Watley said...

lol, i though you said mcqueen. i will make the correction. mcqueen did similar pair as thanks again!

un_taco said...

Jody, that's so great that you commented a total stranger! I just updated my facebook status because I do the same with ANYONE deserving of a comment for their great look!

I often find items of women clothing and make them work for whatever look I'm going for -- no one seems to be the wiser.

Nice work, Kevin!

Jody Watley said...

Thanks for sharing your experience un_taco - your comments are always appreciated as well.

un_taco said...

Jody, if you didn't get my most recent tweet, please check out my friends website -- Alejandro often mixes and matches women's and men's clothing.