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Friday, August 20, 2010

Global Style. Marie Claire South Africa

In an editorial titled 'Showroom' newcomer Milan is featured wearing some of South Africa's top designers including Terence Bay, David Tiale and Amanda Laird Cherry in The September issue of Marie Claire South Africa. Gorgeous. I like the funky edge mixed with the classic aesthetic. I always notice the greater diversity of models featured in magazines outside of the U.S.

Photographer: Steve Tanchel
Location: 12 Decades Hotel

Photos: (via)

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un_taco said...

-- and I'm glad you're pointing out diversity among models! I work as an art teacher in and out of the inner city of Boston and some of my students (young women) feel that there are fewer opportunities for them in the field of fashion. Blogs like this allow me to show them, there's a whole world open to them!