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Friday, August 20, 2010

Nature's Beauty. 'Epsom Salts' The Affordable Spa Treatment.

With a down economy, many people are looking for ways to cut costs for themselves and their families. Of course a day at the spa isn't something to splurge on regularly for anyone looking to save whenever possible. That said, I believe in creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere at home.

Though I enjoy luxury bath salts and body washes, one of the most overlooked and inexpensive 'spa' treatments you can give yourself is with 'Epsom Salt', or magnesium sulfate. There are numerous benefits including relieving stress, potentially lowering blood pressure and easing muscle soreness and sprains, in addition it may aid in preventing blood clots and hardened arteries. Pour a couple of cups into your next bath and relax! I also like to add a splash of lavender for a bit of aromatherapy.

Beyond those wonderful benefits, Epsom salt has hundreds of other uses such as being an effective organic gardening aid (helps seeds to germinate and makes plants grow bushier). Have a splinter? Use the salt as a soak to draw it out.

You can also mix Epsom salt with olive or grape seed oil to make your own exfoliant to remove rough skin.

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Kanisha said...

WELL DAMN! Now I want some damn Epsom Salt! lol! Health benefits really? That's cool........but, that bath surely sounds nice! But, the health benefits come from the bath or does someone have to drink it?