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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jody Watley On TV-One's Way Black When Primetime

"Way Black When Primetime" airing on TV-One throughout February celebrates Black Pop Culture in Music, Television, Film and Style.

On February 4, I talk about free style dancing and the art of living in the music spontaneously without the aid of a choreographer and individuality in style. 'Waacking' is having an international resurgence, and I love it. I've been doing it since I was a teenager, and as many know before the kids were 'Vogueing' we were hitting poses with 'Waacking'. The dance is seen in many of my performances and in particular the video 'Still A Thrill' which featured Soul Train's Dean of the Dance and all things 'Fierce' - Tyrone Procter. I loved dancing with Tyrone, which is why of all of my former partners I chose him for the video. 'Still A Thrill' filmed on location in Paris, France has become a classic to a lot of fans around the world.  I have mentioned before Tyrone really helped me unleash my inner 'Diva'. My performance on "Way Black When" marks the first time I've ever appeared with a group of dancers on television - waacking or otherwise as an artist. I also talk to host Sinbad about other topics related to the 70's and the significance of the iconic show 'Soul Train'; for me personally as well as the shows ultimate influence on black pop culture.

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