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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jody Watley Individual Style Spotlight | Azzedine Alaia and The Business of Fashion

In Azzedine Alaia. Vintage | 1983. London, England

Azzedine Alaia is another designer I started wearing back in the early 80's while living in London. Other early supporters were his muse supermodel Naomi Campbell and the inimitable Grace Jones. His body clinging dresses were must haves as well as the terrific sculptured jackets (One of my favorite vintage pieces is a butter soft Alaia leather coat worn in my "I'm The One You Need" video in 92) and suits with precision detail. Over the years he produced less work and his flagship stores closed. After the tragic death of his sister in the 90's Alaia seemed to disappear from the industry.

I find parallels in his philosophies with regard to not wanting 'crank out' merchandise at frenetic paces, choosing to focus instead on quality at one's own self designed pace and to make a choice with regard to what area of an industry you feel most passionate. In many ways, the music industry is the same. Artists have a choice on which path they choose as to which part of the game to work and what path (s) to take; there is no one size fits all. He presents collections only when he feels he has something to show to small gatherings and private clientele, and has always worked on his own time frame. This approach may not bring in the mega bucks but there's something to be said for this type of individual style and approach in such a competitive and lucrative Industry; where handbags and signature perfumes are where the real money appears to be.

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