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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life Notes. Justice For Michael Jackson

The justice system at times falls short, we see it all the time unfortunately. Nothing will bring the inimitable Michael Jackson back, but there is so much shadiness being exposed in this trial so far. Conrad Murray should pay for his crime and negligence (and perhaps many others as well). Murray was the last person we know of to be with Michael and on the payroll as his personal tour 'physician'. As I follow the trial I am trying to keep an open mind and listen to all of the evidence - using common sense as well. I also I get the feeling that there's probably more to this story than we will ever know. Following the trial is disturbing and sad on many levels.

It's unfortunate, haunting and macabre what has been revealed this far in the trial. Michael was isolated, enabled and surrounded by many including including professionals, those who claimed to be 'friends' who did not have his best interests at heart - clearly.  fame and wealth can take more than it gives in the end. Illusion vs. reality, fame vs dysfunction - it's all there and so much more.

My thoughts and prayers are with Michael's children, family, especially his mother. I can't even imagine how painful and difficult this entire ordeal must be for them.

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