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Monday, May 7, 2012

Jody Watley. Classic Style. Vintage In Norma Kamali.

Vintage, 1989.

In Norma Kamali with Shalamar Vintage 1982.

I have so many favorite Norma Kamali style moments. The Kamali Boutique in New York 56th, just off 5th Avenue was one of my many 'must do' first shopping stops, even if just to look around. To experience the Glamour of the store before fashion and style became commercial and perhaps jaded remains pivotal. Kamali is another trailblazer who has always gone her own way. I've recently learned more about her and thanks to modern technology exchanged Twitter messages. I was able to let her know not assuming she knew how long I'd worn her clothes that I was a longtime fan and appreciator of her work.
I've worn her clothes since the 70's. Old or classic Hollywood is a longtime influence on me, since I was a little girl; there's a timelessness to it all.

Kamali's ruched 40's inspired swimdress is still sold as a part of her collection and is flattering to any woman's figure as summer approaches.

Timeless in 2012.

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