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Monday, March 7, 2011

Notes. Teamwork

Post racist meltdown and subsequent firing of design superstar John Galliano, came one of the more intriguing photo's to emerge from Paris Fashion Week.
At the conclusion of the 2011 Fall/Winter Collection show sans Galliano, the design team took a bow. Most never think of how many quality people it takes to present a collection - or for that matter to make any significant showing whether it be business, sports, film, music or fashion. Teamwork is key. It's something we teach our children, and is one of those pearls of wisdom in life that never goes out of style.
This photo is a reminder that no matter how much we are the captain of our own ships in creativity, ambition or determination - we all need a good team to make it happen. I'm not talking 'hanger ons', 'Lookie Loos' and 'Yes' people, but truly knowledgeable, talented, smart people.
Surround yourself with a great support team that can help you make your vision come to life or at the least are trying to go somewhere in life just like you are.

Photo: (via) gothamist

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