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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jody Watley. Beauty Social Event

Dre Brown, Jody Watley, Afrobella
I attended beauty blogger's event "Beauty Social" as the guest of Afrobella, Dre Brown and Mr. Billy B  today in Santa Monica, California. today
Listening to the "Brown Girl's Beauty" panel was empowering and fun. My friend, Mr. Billy B. brought a refreshing down to earth Q&A with his distinct honesty and humor. I first worked with Billy B. for 'The Makeover" (beauty as well as those faux plastic surgery pics) and the video for "A Beautiful Life," where we played around with a multitude of looks.
It was so nice to meet Patrice Yursik of Afrobella at Billy's cocktail reception last night. I spotted her walking in as I talked in the entryway of Billy's garden with Belinda Carlise's adorable son Duke. I exclaimed "Afrobella, my Facebook and Twitter friend!",  before she had a chance to look up to see me.
Dre Brown blogger for Beautylish was incredibly warm and enthusiastic, I felt like she was an instant sister girlfriend. I felt very welcome and appreciated. For some reason the past couple of days reminded me of the Dr. Seuss classic tale "Oh, The Places You'll Go", a favorite of mine.

With actress, comedienne Kim Coles

Mr. Billy B. working the pink carpet.

With Patrice Yursik, Afrobella

Mr. Billy B. talking beauty, defining success and working with Lady Gaga in Q&A

Before Billy's appearance.  


un_taco said...

Fun blog! I also love that book by Dr. Seuss!

QH said...

I bet that was an informative and fun day/evening. Did they have make-up inspired finger food and such for the event as well?-QH

Jody Watley said...

Q, lol - no they didn't. It was informative. I was also curious about tips for men to share. Un_Taco - it is one of my favorite books. I used to read it to my daughter and son. It would always choke me up too for some reason, lol. Probably as a Mom thinking of them growing up and going off into life. Thanks guys!!