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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jody Watley. Japan Concert Tour Highlights 2011

A montage of highlights and favorite moments from the Jody Watley summer concert tour in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan at Billboard Live. I love playing this venue so much.

The summers concerts incorporated a lot of 'waacking'; a style of dance that I started doing as a teenager. I previewed 3 new songs from my work in progress "Chameleon" project. It made sense to spotlight the dance because the new music is partially influenced by disco, funk and electro. There's a scene in the video where the stage is full of people waacking, one of which is Cleveland Moses Jr. who has lived in Osaka for decades, we used to be in a dance group called "The Outrageous Waack Dancers". We were profiled in Ebony Magazine in an issue called "The New Generation" back in 1978. Read the article: Here

'Waacking' has a growing international following of young people who have discovered and embraced the freestyle dance. While I was in Japan, my drummer Donnell Spencer Jr. who'd just returned from China presented me with video footage of some teenagers there who upon learning he worked with me filmed a special message for me and then proceeded to 'waack' to my classic video "Still A Thrill".

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