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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nature's Beauty: Lemons

You might be overlooking the benefits of lemons in your daily beauty regime. Rich in vitamin C, lemons can help in rejuvenating from within to help with your outer glow.

We always hear of the importance of drinking water each day, but did you know that adding lemon to the mix is even better? Lemon water can act as an anti-aging remedy improving the appearance of wrinkles and blackheads, not to mention helping in getting rid of acne flushing toxins and hormones your body.

In addition drinking lemon water also aids as a natural diuretic with weight loss and relieves symptoms such as the dreaded bloating which may come from indigestion. Because of the high levels of potassium, lemon water is valuable against heart disease and high blood pressure aiding in relieving symptoms such as dizziness and nausea. Keeping a pitcher of this natural elixir in your fridge at all times without honey or sweetener should be a small but important part of your routine. It's also nice to light a candle and sip it hot with just a touch of honey or organic blue agave sweetener at the end of a stressful day.

Drink up!

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un_taco said...

Omigod, this is great, I'm been hitting you up on Twitter for beauty and fashion secrets and here they are in your blog - LOVE it. The topics you post are always fun to share with the girls/boys whenever we get together. Thanks - much love!