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Monday, May 17, 2010

Update Your Wardrobe With Dark Denim

One of my biggest fashion pet peeves are men and women in unflattering jeans. Ill fitting, light washed nightmares call attention to body flaws, just say no. I'm speaking of what are called "Moms and Dads jeans".
A good pair or two of dark wash denim should be a staple of every adult wardrobe, an added bonus is you'll appear slimmer.
If you aren't sure of what to pick out, just remember to keep it simple; dark wash with a proper fit without embelllishment. I personally prefer a nice boot cut or a skinny jean.

One of the surprises in the denim market is Cookie Johnson, wife of basketball legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson. She launched a successful line of jeans called "CJ" available at upscale stores across the country cut for women with real bodies, but there are many great looking and affordable dark denim options available at every price point including J. Crew and Target that won't break the bank.

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un_taco said...

I've sent a link to this blog to my mother who was always stylish while I was growing up, but suddenly went down hill fashion after turning 50. You can look great at any age and at any size - just dress appropriately for YOU. Thanks, Jody!