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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Art and Fashion: Jody Watley Vintage.

When I went on my debut solo tour in 1989, I wanted to do so many things creatively. I wanted a stage that evoked Salvidor Dali and spectacular lighting, a kick ass show with live vocals, funky music and enough room to be spontaneous. Another big desire was to have a tour book that wasn't standard music fare. Subsequently, I chose to have an over sized book measuring 16" x 12". It's now a standard size in touring, the merchandise company at the time balked at the idea initially citing costs and production concerns, but I was tenacious and prevailed.
I wanted to showcase my love of fashion illustration with the cover art. We found a wonderful local artist to do an illustration of me. Another unorthodox decision which was choosing not have my name on the cover. I thought this idea was far more chic and understated. My initials appear on the back cover.
My incredible art team and I loved it. As an artist, there's something very special when you are able to collaborate with people who "get it" and work tirelessly for a successful outcome for the team. I'm always grateful that despite constant misgivings about many of my choices, I was allowed creative freedom. We did more fashion oriented pics for the inside, which was also very unusual for the time. I really wanted it to feel more like a fashion brochure and something more unique rather than a basic artist tour book. My inspiration came from a fashion supplement that came with an Italian VOGUE back in 1989. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from Italian VOGUE over the years. Of the many things I wanted to be growing up, being a fashion illustrator was another of my childhood career fantasies. I continue to believe in dreaming many dreams and to keep adding on to your goals. Sometimes you get fortunate to incorporate them all.
My love of illustration continues.

Illustration: Sally Simonetti
Art Design: Lynn Robb and Jody Watley

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un_taco said...

I am happy to say I am now I proud owner of original Jody Watley tour book - I will cherish it always!