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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Classic Style: Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are "In", but personally I think they are always a classic staple to your wardrobe as long as you're not short. In that case they may not be flattering.
I've always loved wide leg pants dating back to my love of black and white movies with Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and later movies like 'Annie Hall' with Diane Keaton. They seemed to represent strength and independence. At the peak of the disco era in the 70's one of my favorite photo's is of style icon Bianca Jagger looking incredibly chic in a white Yves St. Laurent pant suit with a wide trouser and bowler hat.
I can easily recall begging my Mom to buy me a pair of pin stripped ones while in junior high. When I learned to sew, I made them in bold colors and plaid, though I could never conquer a good zipper. I wore them with botched zippers and all. As a contestant in Chicago's Ms. Black Teenage Illinois Pageant, I wore a bright canary yellow pair I'd made for the 'casual wear' potion. Wide leg pants have made their way into more than a few of my videos, concerts and photo sessions over the years. I wore a pair to my son's graduation recently as well.
You'll find them available now and for various Fall Collection's 2010 at various price points.

Photo's: (via) Flickr


Kanisha said...

OMG! These happen to be my fav style of pants! And Bianca was great in this pic!

un_taco said...

'I'm the One You Need' is one of my favorite Jody videos where she starts off wearing the pants and ... *ahem* nothing else. Jody's dancing just rocks!

Anonymous said...

I beg to difffer aabout short women wearing wide leg pants. I've seen them pulled off so many times by short women, maybe they were tailored but they worked. :)

longvowels said...
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