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Monday, June 21, 2010

Classic Style: Jody Watley Spotlight Essence Magazine

Vintage Vamp: Jody Watley

Eighties pop/dance superstar Jody Watley seems more relevant now than ever! Not only do her late-'80s megahits like "Looking For a New Love," "Real Love" and "Don't You Want Me" still sound as danceable and funky today (please re-listen to "Still a Thrill." Hot!), Watley's signature beauty look -- brazen red lips; cat-eye black liner; bold brows and crimped hair -- can be seen on runways and red carpets everywhere.

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Photo: Michel Comte


Kanisha said...

Again......your face structure is incredible! #beautiful

un_taco said...

It's SO true though! I'm an art teacher teaching K-6 as well as after school outreach with high schoolers and my older students have really embraced looks from my youth. I made a point to show them a few Jody videos and they were totally WOWED. They knew of Jody through her music that I've incorporated in lessons in the past, but they were stunned by some of the looks in, 'Real Love', and 'Still a Thrill'.

It's a good feeling knowing I'm still cool even when I get older - thanks, Jody!