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Friday, June 25, 2010

Classic Style. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson had so many iconic and memorable looks. From apple caps, fringed vests and colorful bell bottomed pants from his youth as a member of The Jackson 5, Michael made a mark not only musically but visually. In his young adulthood he gave us the classic black suit, white shirt and socks for the "Off The Wall" era. When you think of the black fedora, loafers, the white crystal glove, military-esque swag, buckles and belts with "Bad" the Michael Jackson signature style comes to mind. We will never forget the iconic red and black leather jacket and jeans in the history making "Thriller" video. In fact, it is artwork for the biggest selling album of all time- "Thriller"- that remains one of my favorite Michael Jackson style imprints. In the days of vinyl, I can remember the joy at looking at the gatefold sleeve. Michael Jackson exuded an innocence and charm which was quite endearing and with his lithe frame he could wear anything and make it look good.

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un_taco said...

THIS image is how I've chosen to remember, Michael.