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Monday, March 14, 2011

Notes. Women and Reality Television

No matter how educated (or lack thereof) and regardless of how well dressed or made up, financially independent or dependent, young or old, experienced or inexperienced - a bad attitude is still ugly no matter the form it comes in for many of the women of reality television as well as in life. Great wardrobe, glamorous hair, polished make-up, big bank account and even career achievement does not give anyone class. What you do and what you have does not define who a person is nor their character.

These shows expose and yes - exploit more of who these women really are. If you're naturally a conniving person, it's easier to be conniving in a competition. If you're too quiet and laid back, it's probably difficult to come out of that shell and you'll probably be eaten alive. Anyone who signs up knows exactly what they're getting in to; and we all know drama, backstabbing and controversy sells especially in entertainment. Remember the popular scripted shows Dynasty and Dallas? Viewers (myself included) loved to hate Alexis aka Joan Collins and enjoyed the classic catty scenes with Crystal aka Linda Evans.
It's annoying when people get too judgmental or condescending on TV or off and that includes participants in these shows. People have lessons to learn and personal growth to achieve, or let's hope so.

Be it for pure entertainment value, raising money for charity or simply looking for greater visibility for one's career; this thought is always in the back of my mind - as a viewer, professional and as a woman. It's all entertainment - but ugly is still ugly no matter how one tries to justify and no matter how dressed up.

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